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Greetings Pokeit Users. There’s a new version of the Pokeit Client ready for download. If you already have the Pokeit Client installed on your computer, you don’t need to take any action. The client will download and install automatically on your next restart.

In addition to a number of bug fixes that we’ll outline below, we wanted to let you all know that we’re now bundling a 64-bit version of the Pokeit Client software with our Windows installer. If you’re a Windows user, there’s a pretty good chance you’re running a 64-bit version of Windows 10. We previously only provided a 32-bit version of the Pokeit Client, but now we’re providing both in one installer download. The installer will automatically pick the version that’s right for your computer so you won’t need to do anything different to take advantage of the new 64-bit version. If you’re someone who plays a large number of tables at once, you may see some benefits from this new 64-bit version of the Pokeit Client.

Bug fixes in the 1.2.0 release

We spent a good amount of time reviewing and refreshing the Pokeit Client code over the past few weeks and are happy to announce the following bug fixes in the new 1.2.0 Pokeit Client release which should improve your experience using Pokeit:

  • Patched a bug that was causing HUD boxes to drift over time
  • Fixed several more issues which prevented Dynamic HUD from working correctly
  • Fixed a crash-on-load bug
  • Removed the stats tooltip which displayed on hover. This information now appears in a system context menu when you click on a stat
  • Fixed an issue where disabled HUDs would reappear on the table
  • Fixed an issue with starred hands not showing up in single visualization view
  • Patched a bug that was causing invisible parts of the HUD-boxes to grow steadily over time interfering with click events
  • Added back in “Compatibility Mode” for windows users. This mode can be used if HUD boxes appear behind the poker table or if you’re experiencing significant lag when using the Pokeit Client

That’s all for now. Good luck at the tables.

The Pokeit Team

Pokeit now supports GGPoker and KingsClubPkr

We’re happy to announce that Pokeit now supports GGPoker and KingsClubPkr.

GGPoker is the #2 poker site in the world by cash game traffic according to PokerScout.com and is home to the World Series of Poker. Hold’em and Omaha cash games and tournaments are supported.

KingsClubPkr is an invite-only poker room specializing in mixed games. While only cash games are available, this site more than makes up for it with the variety of games offered. In addition to Hold’em and Omaha, KingsClubPkr spreads games like Razz, Seven Card Stud, 2-7 Triple Draw, 2-7 Razz, Badacey, Badeucey and Big-O. We counted a total of 15 unique games, three of which had to be added special to Pokeit to support this site.

Both GGPoker and KingsClubPkr allow you to request hand history files of your games after the fact. Because no hand histories are recorded in real-time, these sites are incompatible with the Pokeit HUD.

This new Pokeit release also includes several other smaller improvements:

  • Support for Run It Once Tournaments has been added
  • Fixed support for Bovada/Ignition “MVS” hand histories
  • Added support for PokerBros & BetOnline formats used by “card catcher” software

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch via our contact page.

Good luck at the tables!
The Pokeit Team

Pokeit HUD reaches version 1.0

Upswing Mixed Games Course

When we launched the Pokeit HUD beta early last year, we did so with a roadmap for getting it to version 1.0. Two of the milestones have already been met. These include the integration of the legacy Pokeit app and the ability to manage multiple HUD profiles. With this new release, we can mark the rest of features off the list and call version 1.0 complete:

  • Player Notes & Tags: Keep track of player notes and tags and write new ones on the fly. Star players and hands for later without having to visit the Pokeit website
  • Mucked cards: The mucked card display saves you the effort of going back through your hand histories to see what your opponent folded. After the hand is over, the mucked cards will be displayed on top of the table
  • Loading individual visualizations on your desktop: Visualizations of your tournaments, sessions and players will be accessible directly from the Pokeit Client

Let’s take a look at what’s new in version 1.0:

Player Notes

You can now take notes, star or create tags for the players at your table. All of this can be done from the new Notes popup which can be opened by clicking on a player’s HUD box and selecting “Show Player Notes”. Just start typing your note and it will save automatically. Tags can be created, added, or removed by clicking on the pencil icon. A star feature is also available for keeping track of important opponents.

Once added, notes, tags and stars will appear as icons alongside the stats in each player’s HUD box. Hovering over this section of the HUD box will display the information in a tooltip and clicking on it will re-open the Notes popup.


One of the coolest new features available in version 1.0 provides you with 1-click access to visualizations covering your current table, session, tournament, and opponents. Options available from the new Pokeit table widget include:

  • View Hands: Loads a list of hands from your current table, tournament or session
  • View Tournaments: View a report showing results from all your tournaments this session
  • Graph Results: Graph results from your current table, cash or tournament session
  • Plot Player Stacks: Shows a streamgraph of stack sizes at your current table over time
  • Winners and Losers: View results from all the players in your current session sorted by profit

Options available from the context menu of each HUD box include:

  • View Hands: Loads all the hands you’ve seen this player play
  • Graph Results: Lifetime graph of results for this player
  • Hero Results vs: Lifetime graph of your own results when this player is at the table

These visualizations will update automatically as new data comes in and make it easier to get the information you need.

Mucked Cards

You no longer have to go back through your hand histories to see what a player was holding. The new mucked cards display overlays boardcards and holecard on top of the table after each showdown. That way you can keep your focus on the table. Green background indicates a winner, red a loser.

We’re excited to have you try out version 1.0 and look forward to hearing your feedback!

The Pokeit Team
Chaz & Bryon

Upswing Poker’s Mixed Games course is now available

Upswing Mixed Games Course

Our friends over at Upswing Poker have put together a new training course on mixed games. Clocking in at over 30 hours long, the course covers all the key concepts in Razz, Stud, Stud 8, Omaha 8, and Triple Draw.

The Mixed Game Mastery training course is taught by high stakes pro Jake “JLlama” Abdalla. Jake is a high stakes crusher with over a million dollars in earnings tracked on HighStakesDb.com.

The course also includes private access to the Mixed Game Facebook group where Jake will be answering questions.

The course is priced at $999, but players who enroll before Monday January 8th will receive a $500 discount ($499 total cost).

Upswing Poker is also offering a special deal for Pokeit users. If you register for the course using this link, you’ll get $100 credit you can apply towards your Pokeit membership. Simply email your proof of purchase to info@pokeit.co and we’ll take $100 off your bill. This $100-off Pokeit deal is still valid even if you miss the January 8th deadline for the 50% Upswing discount.

Good luck at the tables,
The Pokeit Team

New Client, HUD and Sounds

Dynamic HUD

The old Pokeit syncing client has been retired and replaced with a new version that incorporates the Pokeit HUD beta. The next time you restart the Pokeit client, this update will install automatically. If you had been using the HUD beta, we’ll save your settings and remove the separate HUD program from your computer. The new program, called Pokeit Client, will upload your hand histories, display a configurable HUD, and give you quick access to your dashboard and visualizations saved in your Pokeit account.

Client improvements

In addition to combining the two functions of syncing and HUD, we’ve made several improvements to the client. With the old client, the delay between finishing a hand and seeing it show up in your account could be up to 5 seconds or more. With this new update, we’ve cut the delay time down to a second or less.

HUD Updates

Another major improvement to this new version is the ability to save and manage multiple HUD profiles. New profiles, with their own unique stats and filters, can be created, and saved for later. You can opt to switch between your profiles manually, or you can use the new Dynamic HUD feature to create rules for when to show your different profiles. This feature is helpful if you’ve created profiles with particular games, limits or stakes in mind and want to switch between those profiles automatically. You can find out more about how to set up different profiles on our Help Center.

New Sounds

We’ve also created brand new sounds for the Pokeit replayer. These new sounds replace the old 8-bit style effects we included with the replayer when we launched it in 2013. We styled these more realistic sound effects off the ones you’re likely to hear on your favorite poker site. If you happen to have your sounds turned off you can re-enable them from replayer by clicking the speaker icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.