With Pokeit, you'll see all the angles

Visualize your poker data with circles, bars, lines, pies, tables and more!

Graph your results
View your lifetime graph or results from a single session. Track your own winnings, opponent results, or view your graph vs. a particular player.
Know when to hold & when to fold
This simple matrix of hole cards reveals which hands you’re folding and which ones you’re playing. Squares along the diagonal represent pocket pairs. The top and right-hand sections of the graph are your A-x, K-x hands.
All your hands in one place
See all the hands you’ve ever played in one giant, sortable list. Filters can be applied to narrow down your results. Important hands can be replayed, starred, tagged or shared with friends.
Spot superusers
If an opponent plays (VPIP) and wins (BB100) almost all of their hands, they'll show up as an easy-to-spot outlier in the top right section of this graph. Watch out&em;they might be a super-user!
Follow the flow of chips at the table
Each colored slice of this "streamgraph" represents a player at the table. A growing slice means that the player is gaining chips. A shrinking slice, the opposite. When a slice disappears completely it means the players has busted or left the table.
Find & exploit your opponents’ weaknesses
Identify your opponents’ tendencies using 60 built-in statistics and create your own custom stats with the Pokeit formula builder. Player stats which fall below the average are colored blue, while stats above the average are highlighted in red.
A snapshot of your poker career
Pokeit lets you view and transform data in a wide variety of ways. This matrix of hands played over the course of each year takes advantage of the color spectrum to illustrate intensity of play.
Colorful doughnuts & pies
A simple pie (or doughnut) chart is useful for showing fractions of a whole. This chart shows the stack sizes of each player at the table. A red slice means the player lost money on the hand while green means they won.
Track your cashes & scores
Pokeit can track your tournament results just as well as your cash game sessions. Consult our site support guides for configuration instructions.
Who’s winning money from who?
Chord graphs let you see the relationships between different players. Each section of outer ring represents one player and their current stack. The size and direction of the chords illustrate the movement of chips between them.

Complete Coverage

Pokeit supports 25 games across 23 different poker sites and networks. This includes all major hold'em, omaha, draw and stud games!

Flop Games

6+ Hold'em
Omaha Hi-Lo
5-Card Omaha
5-Card Omaha Hi-Lo
6-Card Omaha
Courchevel Hi-Lo
Double Hold'em
2-7 Drawmaha

Stud Games

7-Card Stud
7-Card Stud Hi-Lo
5-Card Stud
2-7 Razz

Draw Games

2-7 Triple Draw
2-7 Single Draw
5-Card Draw
A-5 Triple Draw
A-5 Single Draw

Build your own visualizations...

Everything in Pokeit is customizable. Create unique views and save them for later. Develop custom statistics with our easy-to-use formula builder. Style graphics any way you’d like with bespoke themes.

Visualizations update automatically as you play new hands. Watch player charts come alive as you learn more about your opponents.

...Or Get Started with Ours

Hit the ground running with pre-built visualizations. Everything you'd expect from a top of the line poker database is included along with dozens of unique graphs and reports you can't get anywhere else.

Pokeit HUD

Pokeit HUD is a desktop application that creates an overlay on your screen while you play. In this overlay you can see stats on your opponents and on yourself.

Wide support

Works with most sites and every game type supported by Pokeit, on all Mac and Windows computers


Change the appearance and content of HUDs and easily switch between multiple setups

Dynamic HUDs

Automatically switch HUDs based on criteria such as game type or max seats

Notes & Tags

Tag and write notes on other players and review these annotations in the HUD or in the main app

Mucked Cards

See mucked cards directly on the table after a hand finishes


Launch live visualizations directly from your HUD to gain insights on your opponents, tables, or tournaments

Supported Poker Sites

Pokeit works by reading hand history files that can be saved on to your computer while you play. If a poker site generates these files, then we probably support it!

Site / Network Flop Draw Stud HUD Tournament Results
PokerStars.com, .eu, .it, .fr, .es, .nj
888Poker.com, .es • WSOP.co.uk
Winning Poker Network
AmericasCardRoom.eu • BlackChipPoker.eu • more
partypoker.com, .fr • bwin.com • ZyngaPlusPoker.co.uk • more
TitanPoker.com • Bet365.com • EverestPoker.com • more
Bovada / Ignition
IgnitionCasino.eu • Bodog.eu • more
Run It Once Poker
24hBet.com • NordicBet.com • Betsafe.com • more
Merge Network
CarbonGaming.ag • RPMpoker.com • HeroPoker.com • more
Horizon Network
poker.Intertops.eu • JuicyStakes.eu • more
Grand Poker Network
5Dimes.eu • more

Broadcast Mode

Stream visualizations

Pick visualizations to be streamed in real time to anyone with the link. You have full control over what you share

Easy setup

Link your Twitch and Pokeit accounts or stream stand-alone visualizations

Add stats to your layout

Integrate with an OBS layouts to show live stats right in your video stream

Pokeitbot, the Twitch bot

Supercharge your room's conversations with an intelligent bot that responds to commands with stats and other helpful info

Power Features

Pokeit is a fast and flexible platform for answering any type of poker question. You have a complete toolkit to build your own methods of analysis and blaze a path through your data.

Build Custom Stats

Combine fields into statistics, percentages, or ratios which can be accessed from all your tables and graphs.

Annotate Everything

Attach a note to a player, add an informative tag to a session, or star important hands for later.

Navigate Your Data

Right-click on a cell or data point to load another visualization based on that item.

Complete Coverage

Pokeit supports 19 different variants of Hold'em, Omaha, Draw and Stud across 20 poker sites and networks.

Access Anywhere

No need to have your hand histories with you once they're loaded into Pokeit cloud storage. Windows & Mac compatible.

Safe and Secure

Your hands are stored privately on our secure servers and we keep encrypted backups in case of an emergency.