Track Hands Like a Pro

Pokeit is an easy-to-use tracker & HUD for your poker hands, stats, and graphs

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A powerful HUD while you play

Wide support

Hold’em, Omaha, Draw and Stud support across 9 different poker sites and networks. Mac and Windows compatible

Customizable statistics

Choose from over 60 built-in statistics or create your own using the Pokeit formula builder

Player Notes & Tags

Track your opponents’ tendencies with notes and tags and star important hands for post-game review

Interactive tools for analyzing your game

Dozens of graphs & tables

Gain insights from your your poker data with line graphs, scatter plots, stream graphs and more

Hundreds of filters & stats

Customize your reports and graphs with more than 300 fully configurable statistics and filters

Make Pokeit your own

Create unique visualizations and save them for later, develop your own custom statistics and style your graphs with bespoke themes

"The interface is beautiful and a pleasure to use. There has clearly been a huge amount of care put into designing and creating the tool."

Nick Jones Co-founder and Director of Pokerfuse

"Even if you don't play Mixed Games, I would recommend checking out Pokeit."

Jason Glatzer editor for PokerNews and