With Pokeit, you'll see all the angles

Visualize your poker data in countless new ways using circles, bars, lines, pies, tables, area graphs and more!

Complete coverage

Pokeit supports 19 games across 20 different poker sites and networks. This includes all major draw and stud games!

Select a Game:

7-Card Stud
7-Card Stud Hi-Lo
5-Card Stud
2-7 Triple Draw
2-7 Single Draw
5-Card Draw
A-5 Triple Draw
Omaha Hi-Lo
5-Card Omaha
5-Card Omaha Hi-Lo
6-Card Omaha
Courchevel Hi-Lo
Double Hold'em

Build your own Visualizations...

Everything in the new Pokeit is customizable. Create unique views and save them for later. Develop custom statistics with our easy-to-use formula builder. Style graphics any way you’d like with bespoke themes.

Visualizations update automatically as you play new hands. Watch player charts come alive as you learn more about your opponents.

...Or Get Started with Ours

Hit the ground running with pre-build visualizations. Everything from the old Pokeit is at your fingertips in the new system, as well as dozens of fresh new graphs and reports for you to try out.

Power Features

Pokeit is a fast and flexible platform for answering any type of poker question. You have a complete toolkit to build your own methods of analysis and blaze a path through your data.

Build Custom Stats

Combine fields into statistics, percentages, or ratios which can be access from all your tables and graphs

Annotate Everything

Attach a note to a player, add an informative tag to a session, or star important hands for later

Easily Navigate Your Data

Right-click on a cell or data point to load another visualization based on that item.