How to gain an edge with Pokeit: A YouTube series

A month has passed since we launched the new version of Pokeit! If you haven’t upgraded yet, you’re missing out on a completely new way to visualize and understand your poker game. We’ve improved upon the old version in every way with hundreds of stats, dozens of graph types and a fully customizable interface for getting the answers you need from your poker data.

To help you master the new Pokeit, we’ve launched a YouTube channel with how-to guides on the most important features and capabilities. So far we’ve made eight videos, with many more planned in the coming weeks:

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We’ve also been busy fixing bugs and improving performance. Pokeit’s now on version 3.2 and you can check out all the changes here.

Also, as a reminder, you’ll need to upgrade to the new version by May 31st in order to keep using Pokeit.